Published Voice Movement

This moment. This is the best time to Publish Your Voice. Ever.

The Internet has provided a platform to be heard and seen. And as great as it is that hundreds of millions of people worldwide can voice their opinion on a range of subjects and causes, there is still nothing as powerful and effective as waking up, drinking that morning coffee, and leaving the house as a catalyst for change.

Published Voice is a change agent and cultivates transformation via engagement. Despite our technological advancements, the best way to engage with someone, tried and true, is still face-to-face. If the goal is to tackle uncomfortable issues, then we need to bring those issues out in the open.

After intense brainstorming sessions, tees and totes emerged as the ideal vehicles to communicate and stimulate dialogue. Functional and easy, by “toting your cause” out to the world each day, you immediately open yourself up to encounters with both like-minded and non-like-minded folks. Here is where change occurs – discussing cyberbullying at a coffee shop, debating open borders in the classroom, diving into policy over the minimum wage with a co-worker.

Social media posts are great, but battling gender inequality, racial profiling or rising costs in health care is also going to take energy and resources. This starts at a grassroots level. This starts at a human level. Published Voice brings us to the root of the cause and creates a space for conversation.

This is the best time to be a change-maker. Plug in, communicate your cause and get to work.